Tofuture is Adam and Susanna.

Adam’s been vegetarian for 20-odd years – give or take the odd lardon hidden in the pub’s supposedly ‘vegetarian option’ quiche. Pretty much since arriving at University and finally being the master of his own menu…albeit one predominately featuring Beanfeasts and Frazzles.

Suse has been vegetarian for nearly 22 years and vegan for the last 6 having given up eating meat aged 16 while on holiday in Corfu. Something about the three different meat orders from my table resulting in three identical yet non-descript pieces of meat being served up was decidedly worrying and I gave up meat for good. I decided to go ‘the whole hog’, as it were, inspired by my lovely friend and vegan-blogger, Mel Hammond of Shrewdhealth.org, and I’ve never looked back.

Adam and I met at University in 1991 under circumstances that have only ever been considered vague and somewhat debatable. Good times… Here we are at our graduation ceremony in 1994 where one of us has definitely misread the dress-code memo.

Tofuture began following a funny to watch but rather unfortunate trampolining incident in my garden. Adam, showing off to me and my kids, attempted a piked-twist, forward somersault… It didn’t go well. He’s a big man and apparently not one built for gymnastics. When everyone apart from him had finally stopped laughing we noticed he wasn’t in a good way and a few hours, an ambulance and vast quantities of gas and air later we discovered he had broken his ribs.

As he lay there, his ribs and pride convalescing on the sofa, I went off to work leaving a block of tofu pressing under a heavy chopping board piled precariously high with tins of beans and chunky cookery books.

Unsurprisingly, this unstable structure collapsed in the kitchen, as they often do, forcing him to prise himself agonisingly off the couch and rescue the half-pressed tofu which was now wallowing in a pile of dented tins, soggy books and tofu-water. Surely this couldn’t be the best way to press tofu?

Now, if necessity is the mother of invention, then necessity and having to move with broken ribs to deal with a tofu disaster, are the mother AND father of invention.

That evening, we sat down with a common mission: to create something that could press tofu simply and effectively, and preferably without saturating any more of my cookery books in tofu-water.

It’s no secret that tofu is often overlooked as a food option. It’s healthy, ethical and environmentally-friendly, but often people have either never tried it or have been too scarred by the horror of the tofu option at the local takeaway; over-sized lumps of unpressed, spongy, tasteless tofu. However, it shouldn’t be that way…tofu prepared properly, marinated in great flavours, and cooked well is the opposite: versatile, delicious and healthy – and not just for vegetarians.

So with much research, design, trial and error, we have created what we believe is the perfect kitchen tool for pressing your tofu quickly and cleanly – a tofu press. Plus we have put together this website that we plan to keep choc full of amazing new tofu recipes, ideas and mouth-watering flavour combinations that will help you get the most out of your tofu.

So whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or a meat-eater looking for some healthier alternatives,we want YOU to join the tofu revolution!

Tofu need no longer be the unfashionable, tasteless butt of the vegan, hippie, Neil from The Young Ones joke. Join in. Help us spread the word.

Press it. Infuse it with ooohh. Together we can transform tofu.