About Us

Hi! We are Adam and Susanna and we run Tofuture together. Here’s a bit about us..

We met in 1991 at Keele University and have been friends ever since. Here we are at our graduation ceremony in 1994 where one of us has definitely misread the dress-code. The second shot is 26 years later in 2017 when we dropped in for a trip down memory lane.

Adam has been vegetarian for 30 years since arriving at University and being the master of his own menu. Although I can only really remember him eating Beanfeasts and Frazzles.

I became vegetarian in 1987 aged 16 while on holiday in Corfu and – formally a big lover of cheese – I suddenly decided to go vegan overnight in 1998 after reading an article about how soon baby cows are taken from their mothers and completely empathising with the mothers.

Tofuture was born out of a funny to watch but rather unfortunate trampolining incident in my garden. Adam, showing off to me and the kids, attempted a piked-twist, forward somersault… It didn’t go well. He’s a big man and apparently not one built for gymnastics. When we stopped laughing, we noticed he hadn’t found it as funny and a few hours, an ambulance and vast quantities of gas and air later we discovered he had broken his ribs.

So he was stuck at home, his ribs and pride convalescing on the sofa, as I went to work leaving a block of tofu wrapped in kitchen reams of kitchen roll under a heavy chopping board piled precariously high with tins of beans and my most chunky cookery books.

Unsurprisingly, this unstable structure collapsed in the kitchen, as they often do, and Adam was forced to prise himself agonisingly off the couch and rescue the half-pressed tofu which was now wallowing in a pile of dented tins, soggy books and tofu-water. Surely this couldn’t be the best way to press tofu?

That evening, we sat down with a common mission: to create something that could press tofu simply and effectively, and preferably without saturating any more of my cookery books in tofu-water.

So with much research, design, trial and error, we spent the next few years creating the perfect kitchen tool for pressing tofu. Nowadays we both work for Tofuture full-time and are loving the journey, discovering new markets, meeting lovely people and waxing lyrical about the benefits of tofu, a plant-based diet and living more environmentally-friendly. We are always working on new recipes and experimenting with making tofu and inventing new ways to cook it. All of which we share on this website for your delight and delectation!

This is a more recent picture of us all dressed up and ready to go on Dragons’ Den to wow the Dragons with our Tofu Press invention. But that’s another story…