Say hello to Tofuture! A game-changing Tofu Press that quickly removes excess water from tofu with no mess or fuss. The days of pressing tofu under a tower of precariously balanced tins and wasting reams of kitchen roll are over.

We’re passionate about sharing ways to make tofu a tasty and healthy addition to your everyday diet.

This handy kitchen gadget provides endless ways to enjoy cooking with tofu for vegans, vegetarians and everyone else.

Adam & Susanna

How does it work?

Our Tofu Press is a simple to use kitchen gadget. Pressing will give your tofu a firm texture and allow it to absorb all the flavours of your dish. Simply place your block of tofu inside, lock down the clamps and leave it in the fridge to press the water out. The press works with all different sizes of firm tofu and can gently press silken tofu. It works cleanly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss or mess.

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