• Cheese Blog #2: Let them eat Cheese

    My cheesy mission is to de-mystify the alchemy of home-made nut cheese and find a good cheese recipe to make cheaply and easily at home. In short, to perfect the perfect cheese.  There are some magic, cheese-like ingredients that pop up time and time again in c... Read More

  • Cheese Blog #1 – I can’t believe it’s not allowed to be called butter

    Recently, a new EU directive has banned plant-based products describing themselves using words such as, ‘cheese’, ‘cream’, ‘milk’, ‘butter’ or ‘yogurt’, even with an additional descriptive or explanatory term accompanying it. There is a list ... Read More

  • Manna from Heaven

    Manna vegan restaurant in Primrose Hill, north London Manna is tucked away in a leafy, desirable corner of London north of Regent’s Park more than appropriately called Primrose Hill. Its on a hill. There’s undoubtedly primroses. It’s a bohemian vil... Read More

  • Vanilla is Back to Black

    Vanilla Black vegetarian City restaurant There was a fair amount of anticipation behind our first trip to Vanilla Black. We saved it for A’s birthday night out and invited our swanky London friends to join us. We had high hopes. It’s a top-end veggie restaur... Read More

  • Marinating Tofu

    Marinating Tofu We are often asked at the fairs and festivals across the UK how best to marinate tofu. The answer is: there are no hard and fast rules to creating a good marinade but there are some general guidelines which are helpful to follow. It should be a ... Read More

  • The Origin of Tapas

    Origins is housed in a former pub, The White Hart, along the High Street in Great Missenden, Bucks.  Mysteriously inspired by Charles Darwin, the pub has somehow been successfully transformed into a buzzy cocktail bar. It’s popular and always busy and there... Read More

  • A Vegan in Picardy

    Picardy, or Pas-de-Calais-Picardie as it is now classed, is a region of France often overlooked by the holidaying Brit. Campers, Tuggers and Gite-dwellers may stop off here on the way to Calais or Dieppe but don’t see it as holiday material. We only drove an h... Read More

  • Vegan Travel Guide: Amsterdam and Holland

    Amsterdam is a compelling city. Rescued from the sea, Amsterdam sits 2 metres below sea level and is a spider’s web of canals, or Grachten, that delineate the various parts of the city in concentric circles and make it unique and brilliantly easy to navigate. ... Read More

  • Vegan Travel Guide: Berlin

    As the vegan capital of Europe, and home to its first 100% vegan supermarket, Berlin has long been top of my vegan travel bucket list. Thanks to Airbnb and a very cool, obliging sister I got the chance to go during a hot and steamy August last year. Berlin is a ... Read More

  • Amico Bio – Italian vegetarian restaurant in London

    Why are vegan establishments so often juxtapositioned incongruously next to something gratuitously meaty? I haven’t been to UK’s first and only vegan tattoo parlour, Fifth Dimension, YET but when I do I’ll be heading over to Bacon Street in Shore... Read More

  • Bristol Vegfest 2016

    We had a great time in Bristol this year, on the newly developed waterfront that hosts the original Vegfest UK. We love this festival and have been many times before as punters. It combines a vegan food fair with a music festival and is both outside and in three... Read More

  • Tofu Travel Blog: Vegan Norwich

    Norwich, the capital of Norfolk, is the home to a Cathedral and a Castle, a newly-relegated football team, a big river, a permanent outdoor market and is a warren of cobbled streets. There’s cafés, independent shops, 36 medieval churches and a burgeoning arts... Read More

  • Vantra Vitao: Vantra Mantra

    Vantra Vitao is a small, bustling, vegan restaurant in the heart of London. The interior is dark and intriguing; candle light, foliage and chairs made out of tree stumps. This is our most centrally-located vegan restaurant. The rent must be astronomical and I’... Read More

  • Win a Tofu Press **Competition**

    Do you have a tofu pressing disaster story? We would love to hear it. We heard many tales of soggy cookery books and unevenly pressed tofu at Brighton Vegfest. Share yours with us for a chance to win a press. The deadline for the competition, #howdoyoupressy... Read More

  • Brighton Vegfest 2016

    After years of hard work and anticipation, we were finally ready to take to the road and launch our tofu press to the world. So what better place to start than at our favourite food fair in UK’s vegan capital, Brighton Vegfest? Sunny, bright and cold, it had t... Read More

  • Tofu: How Do You Press Yours?

    I’m willing to accept that we are borderline obsessive about the importance of pressing tofu to allow it to absorb the great taste of the dish it is going in (not to mention freeing itself of the unpleasant, un-pressed consistency of flobbery jelly). In fact, ... Read More

  • Moshi Moshi Japanese in London does Tofu

    The night is called, ‘Demystifying Tofu with Clean Bean’, and it pops up on my Google Alert for tofu. Yes, I do that. It’s being advertised on the Vegan Society website too and I decide to go along with a sympathetic Italian colleague. Moshi Moshi is a bi... Read More

  • Tibits vegan and vegetarian restaurant, London West End

    The brilliance of Tibits is its variety. And the slap-bang-in-the-centre-of-London location. Ok, so the brilliances of Tibits are the variety and the location. And the choice. And the big windows. A self-service restaurant with a splendidly plush interior, Tibit... Read More

  • Mildreds vegetarian restaurant: Soho and Camden, London

    We always end up here. With the best of intentions we toy with the idea of trying something new but it’s no good, someone inevitably says, ‘there’s always Mildreds’ and we happily succumb to the inevitable. The only problem is that you can’t boo... Read More

  • The Polecat Inn in Prestwood: vegan options

    Preparing myself for jacket potato and beans, Adam and I ventured to a local pub for Saturday lunch. Living in the scenic Chilterns should afford a wealth of cosy, traditional pubs with real fires and local ales. The drawback is normally the vegetarian option... Read More

  • Garden vegetarian Café in Frome

    Fresh from ogling tigers at Longleat, we hot-footed it to the vegetarian Garden Café in the nearby lovely town of Frome. It had something for everyone; an enormous cheese sandwich for Adam, a panini version of a Pizza Margherita for the 10YO and hummus and cru... Read More

  • Optimum Joy vegan café in Shrewsbury

    A litany of disappointing hotel breakfasts had seen me mashing up grilled tomatoes into baked beans and dousing liberally with ground white pepper. So you can imagine my excitement when, still high from meeting my life-long hero at a Global Dance Night the prev... Read More