Tofu Press Stockists


These lovely people stock our Tofu Press for which we are very grateful. There are plenty of other, independent shops that buy the press from wholesalers or distributors. Please get in touch if you sell our press and would like to be added to this list.


Lakeland, Everywhere, UK

We are delighted that Lakeland stock our Tofu Press in their excellent kitchenware stores all over the UK.


Suma, UK

Suma is a wholefood collective founded in 1977 by a liberally-minded group of people who believed there was a better way, and actively set out to create it. Hippy Wholefood.


Essential Trading Co-Operative, UK

A leading UK organic and Fairtrade product wholesaler, Essential Trading manufacture and distribute sustainable wholefoods, ecological household products and cruelty free body care items across Europe and internationally. We love a Co-Op.


Tree Of Life, Wholesale Distributors

Tree of Life is the UK’s largest wholesale distributor of healthy, natural and organic products, supplying to businesses large and small for 20+ years


The Health Store, UK

Big UK based health food wholesaler that have been around for 85 years which is pretty impressive.

Simply V, Cardiff

Vegan goods, fresh food and bakery in Castle Arcade, Cardiff

true vegan

True Vegan, South Africa

Innovative South African Vegan website where you can get all your vegan goodies, which is lekker.

GreenBay, London, UK

London’s first vegan supermarket and probably one of the coolest places on Earth. Vegan treats and essentials to titillate and tantalise. We were determined to get our press in here.

Alternative Stores, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Alternative Stores is an ethical vegan business, run and owned by Dan and his fab team of vegans and vegetarians.

Vegan Mission

Vegan Mission, Netherlands & Belgium

Online Vegan store covering The Netherlands and Belgium.

Ben je op zoek naar lekkere veganistische producten? Dit is jouw ONE-STOP VEGAN WEBSHOP in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!


Five Vegans, Australia

Cool family run vegan and ethical on-line shop in Australia named after the thriving five members of their family who are the motivation for building a kinder, more ethical world.

Vegan Búðin, Iceland

Online vegan store for the Icelandic vegan community. We’re very proud to sell our press in Iceland. How cool is that?

Ambrosia, Ontario, Canada

Ambrosia Natural Foods is a complete Natural & Organic Grocery store with over 40 years of experience in every-day low & affordable quality health foods. Three stores in the Ontario region.


Zest Kitchen Shop, Picton, Ontario, Canada

Beautiful kitchen shop in the heart of Picton, Ontario. If you love to cook, like us, this is the place to visit for all those exciting little gadgets that make it easier and better, like ours! They have a dog too which is an added bonus.


J D Adam Kitchen Co, Ottawa, Canada

Providing Ottawa and Glebe with the finest kitchen and home products available, selling bakeware, cookware, glass and tableware, plus hundreds of gadgets for both the homemaker and professional chef alike.


Sweet To Lick: The Market, New York

They are the same folks who opened Long Islands first and only all vegan bakery, and are doing it again. Except this time its a grocery store. Vegan All Day!

The Vegan Kind, The Internet, UK

UK’s No.1 online Vegan Store. This is a family run company with a mission to make a vegan lifestyle accessible to all. Their vision “Inspiring the world to be kind, and go vegan”. Sign up for their monthly subscription box, it’s ace.


The V Spot, Nottingham, UK

A 100% vegan shop selling wholefoods, snacks, ready-to-eat food, non-leather shoes, cruelty-free cosmetics, gifts, household goods and much more. Plus our Tofu Press. The deli counter generally stocks sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes and cheesecakes to take away. What’s not to love?

Amazon, pretty much worldwide

Amazon stock our tofu press in most of the countries that they cover i.e. US, UK, EU, Singapore, Canada and Australia. Click the button below to go to your local site if you have location services on.

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