Tofuture links to vegan chefs and vegetarian restaurants and resources

A few of our favourite things:

Animal Aid – Animal rights group which fights animal cruelty in farming, culling, sport and also runs educational campaigns.

Animal Welfare – Advocating a cruelty-free life style.

BBC Food – Tofu – They won’t all be veggie but there’s some good ideas here on how to cook with tofu.

Carolin Sommer – Our fantastic German translator, and friend.

Cauldron – The company that sells block tofu everywhere. And they have some recipes on their website.

Dreena Burton – Canadian vegan mum. She’s particularly good at mid-week, kid friendly dishes.

Exceedingly Vegan – Exceedingly smart site with recipes, eating out ideas and other stuff

The Flexitarian – Interesting and informative blog from a flexible vegetarian

Isa Chandra Moskowitz – The original inspirer to press tofu. Her recipes are a little more involved but every one worth it.

Happy Cow – One of the only websites that provides an invaluable vegetarian and vegan restaurant guide as well as local health food locations.

One Green Planet – all good things but check out the tofu section

Messy Vegetarian Cook – Inspirational and indeed award winning recipes and thoughts from Kip, the Messy Vegetarian Cook. I bet she’s not that messy. We love her tofu recipes so much we sent her a press for a dispassionate review, read what she thought of it here.

Not A Chef – Amazing Vegan baker and owner of The Garden Shed Cafe in Leamington Spa, UK. One look at this website will make you hungry for cake and heading to the kitchen.

Not To Die For – All things ethical, vegan and cruelty free.

Peaceful Dumpling – They wanted to create a place to warmth, well-being, positive inspiration, and health–a place you can’t wait to check-in every day. And they succeeded!

Planet Veggie – Excellent vegetarian and vegan blogger with impressive recipes, reviews, articles and giveaways.

Real Foods – Good place to buy plant-based foods in bulk, organic, gluten-free, raw, vegan. Really good value.

Sarah Kramer – Bestselling author, vegan chef and all round inspirational person with awesome tattoos.

Suma – Veggie and vegan wholesalers, get good food and get a lot of it.

The Tofu Diaries – Naturally we love this. Veg food, travel and cruelty free living is all the things we love.

Thrive Cuisine – A community for bodybuilding, fitness, healthy Eating, and Motivation. And all vegan.

The Vegan Kind – Ace supermarket and ace subscription boxes

The Vegan Punk – look no further for website marketing, expertise and SEO. Comes with an interesting and conscientious local and travel-related blog

Vegan Society – Proud to be the worlds first vegan society. Great resources for advise, support, recipes and lots of nutritional information.

Vegetal – Vegan, Cool, Simple and Affordable accessories so we don’t have to make an animal suffer just so we can carry some stuff

Vegetarian Society – Loads of free resources, recipes, event news, support and interesting articles.

Vegfest – Our favourite veg food festival, Brighton, Bristol, London and this year, Glasgow. Find the nearest to you here. All go to all of them.

Vegans With Appetites – Travelling vegans showing that you can travel cruelty free.

Viva – UK based vegan and vegetarian campaigning charity. Got a good shop.


Lots of tasty recipes to tempt you on our recipes page