• Tofu: How Do You Press Yours?

    I’m willing to accept that we are borderline obsessive about the importance of pressing tofu to allow it to absorb the great taste of the dish it is going in (not to mention freeing itself of the unpleasant, un-pressed consistency of flobbery jelly). In fact, it’s fairly safe to say that our friends are all extremely well versed (they may say brow-beaten) in our message that the key to great tasting tofu is almost entirely in the preparation.

    Tofu needs the water it contains to be pressed out in order for the flavours of your dish to be absorbed.

    Some people think they don’t like tofu, but for many, this is due to a poor experience with a badly made dish they’ve had served to them. Tofu is an amazing food chameleon and, well prepared, it can be whatever you want it to be – you decide the flavour and texture.

    I met the delicious Ella Woodward this week, and was rather traumatised to hear that tofu doesn’t feature in any of her wonderful plant-based food, because she doesn’t like it. Well, it is now our mission to change Ella’s mind, like I said, borderline obsessed!

    I’ll guess that some of you are a bit bemused by why we are making such a big deal about how you press tofu? ‘Why don’t you just put something ridiculously heavy on top of your tofu, push down with all your might…et voila?’

    No! Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. You’ll just end up with a squidgy mess.

    The key to firm tofu is the gradual nature of the pressing.

    If you’re familiar with tofu, you probably already know this and have a backlog of disaster stories born out of homemade pressing devices; broken plates, wrecked books and sodden surfaces. And, ultimately, unevenly pressed tofu that’s been left out of the fridge for hours!

    So here’s your chance to win a free press and discover how quick and easy tofu pressing can be. Do you have any calamitous tales of disastrous pressing episodes? Or even a photo of the resulting avalanche of crockery and tofu? Or you may just want to have a good moan about the environmental impact of the kitchen towels you waste? If so, we want to hear about it. We’re giving away free presses for the best disaster stories and the most convincing arguments not to press tofu under a teetering tower of tins.

    and we’ll like, retweet and share the good ones and you may just win yourself a great new tofu press!  We want to know; how do you press yours?


    And, it’s fallen over



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