• Tibits vegan and vegetarian restaurant, London West End

    The brilliance of Tibits is its variety. And the slap-bang-in-the-centre-of-London location. Ok, so the brilliances of Tibits are the variety and the location. And the choice. And the big windows.

    A self-service restaurant with a splendidly plush interior, Tibits sits among the trendy bars and eateries on Heddon Street, opposite where the iconic Ziggy Stardust album cover was shot. It covers two floors with sheltered outside seating and a children’s play corner downstairs. Grab a plate and help yourself to one of the myriad of lavish dishes from the buffet ‘boat’ in the middle of the room. Pile your plate high with either (probably both) hot and cold dishes and queue at the drinks counter to pay by weight. Warning: everything looks and tastes delicious so there’s an inherent danger of eating and spending too much. You’ve no idea how much the food weighs and therefore costs so it’s a bit of a lottery. The food is mainly vegetarian but very clearly labelled for vegan, g-f etc.. and did I mention the amount of choice?

    The restaurant chain, there’s 8 of them round the world, was founded by 3 Swiss vegetarian brothers and I’m quite excited to see they’ve published a cookbook so, if you can speak German or have an English-German dictionary and a lot of patience, you can create our very own Tibits at home.

    Tibits either rotate their dishes or simply come up with something completely new every week. There was bowl of tofu this time; large, white cubes of smooth-textured, homemade, well-pressed, organic tofu. No marinade and no cooking and it didn’t need it. I asked if they made it in-house and they don’t but it’s made by Clean Bean who supplies shops and restaurants throughout London. They don’t ship it out to you as this amazing tofu won’t survive the post but their website tells you where you can find it.  http://cleanbean.co.uk/ (See blog: Moshi Moshi does Tofu where I get to meet the man behind the bean).

    So beware, the yummy, well-pressed tofu may not be there next time you go. Tibits is perfect for breakfast, a quick stop-off whilst shopping or visiting the West End, a treat working lunch with your favourite colleagues or a handy place to meet after work for a bite and a drink or two.

    If I had a quibble it would be the resolute lack of decent vegan desserts. Among the wide range of milky cheesecakes, tiramisus and sticky-toffee puddings you can select a bowl of fresh fruit or Scandinavian muesli. Ok, so the healthy option, but none of the take-away cakes and brownies at the counter were vegan either which was a bit of a surprise. That aside, Tibits is the classic, dead-cert all-rounder for everyone and every occasion. You could bring a staunch meat-lover here and not even fess up to the V thing. They’re going to love it too.

    http://www.tibits.ch/en/home.html  12-14 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4DA



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