• The Origin of Tapas

    Origins is housed in a former pub, The White Hart, along the High Street in Great Missenden, Bucks.  Mysteriously inspired by Charles Darwin, the pub has somehow been successfully transformed into a buzzy cocktail bar. It’s popular and always busy and there’s a wide range of ambitious cocktails with bizarre ingredients and vibrant colours. Adam’s chilli tequila was blue and verging on too spicy to drink – a hit. However, after experimenting with the gin cocktails I have finally decided that their humble gin and tonic can’t be beaten.

    The food is tapas which is often a bonus for vegans/veggies due to the flexibility and variety of dishes. Origins is no exception. They totally get the vegan ‘thing’ and simply take my menu off me and return it scribbled over with highlighter pen and biro; what I can have/can’t have/can amend and have. Very accommodating. The warm, crusty olive bread with olive oil and balsamic is a definite as you peruse the defaced (bespoke?) menu.

    They used to do a very appetizing tofu dish with curry sauce – an unusual flavour for tapas but it really worked. The tofu was quite plain but went well with the curry flavour. Unfortunately the last time I went this had disappeared off the menu. I was informed when they apologetically handed back my highlighted menu that they are soon going to produce a separate vegan/gluten free menu. Let’s hope the tofu dish makes a comeback.


    Charles Darwin looks on with approval

    www.originswinebar.co.uk / 57 High Street, Great Missenden, Bucks, HP16 0AL


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