• Mildreds vegetarian restaurant: Soho and Camden, London

    We always end up here. With the best of intentions we toy with the idea of trying something new but it’s no good, someone inevitably says, ‘there’s always Mildreds’ and we happily succumb to the inevitable. The only problem is that you can’t book, and despite telling you on the website to arrive early or not turn up until 9.30pm to avoid waiting for a table we never listen and get there for 9 o’clock. Why there aren’t hundreds of Mildreds littering the streets of Soho is beyond me. It’s always rammed and people are prepared to wait, squeezed good-humouredly into the bar at the entrance, constantly apologizing for bags getting in the way. I can’t decide if this good humour is because the food is so good and the ‘informal and lively’ atmosphere so appealing or because there are precious few vegetarian restaurants in London to choose from so you have to wait.

    Tagine, burrito, curry, stir fry, I can never decide which area of the globe to savour but sometimes (normally) I return to the firm favourite: the Tofu Burger. Smoked tofu, lentil, piquillo pepper in a focaccia bun with relish, rocket and red onion served with sweet potato fries and vegan pesto mayonnaise. Sublime.

    Why don’t they open another branch, buy the next door premises or expand into the loft? It really is hard to get in when it’s busy and must be infuriating turning us away by the droves? Does the ‘no booking’ policy wreak havoc for the waiting staff and chefs? Or maybe it’s their secret, along with the mayonnaise? However, I always end up with some fantastic, globally diverse food and that is what keeps us coming back. Plus it’s buzzy and the cocktails make waiting at the bar all the more entertaining. Turkish Rose anyone?


    http://www.mildreds.co.uk / 45 Lexington Street, London, W1F 9AN


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