• Garden vegetarian Café in Frome

    Fresh from ogling tigers at Longleat, we hot-footed it to the vegetarian Garden Café in the nearby lovely town of Frome. It had something for everyone; an enormous cheese sandwich for Adam, a panini version of a Pizza Margherita for the 10YO and hummus and crudités for the 8YO. I chose the tofu. A selection of vegan tapas options including Black Pepper Tofu with Ginger and Tamari and Marinated Aubergine with Tahini Dressing which were both sublime. The tofu was well pressed with a crisp coating and tangy dip.

    Everything on the menu is clearly labelled as V or suggested VO (vegan options). The blackboard was full of good, vegetarian or vegan specials and the place was popular, buzzy with wooden tables and chairs everywhere and the odd nook and cranny. A neighbouring diner, apparently a, ‘nanny for 30 years’ stopped on her way out to comment on how nicely the 4 of us played together over lunch. That’s what good food, a friendly atmosphere and some well pressed tofu can achieve. That and an intense game of ‘how many footballers can you name with a given letter’. I nailed M.




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