• Tofu & Chestnut Christmas Loaf

    It’s the time of the year when you can really indulge yourself and never more so than for the annual Christmas Dinner. You’re going to want a pretty special centrepiec... Read More

  • Kung Pao Tofu

    This is the classic spicy dish from Sichuan in China, Kung Pao Chicken, but a vegan version using tofu instead of chicken. There are many variations to this dish and you can play about wi... Read More

  • Tofu Quiche with Butternut Squash & Spinach

    Delicious Butternut Squash and Spinach quiche from Not a Chef. See the original recipe here. Tofu Quiche with Butternut Squash & Spinach Ooooh….a simple savoury recipe! I realise that it’... Read More

  • Tofu Chocolate Mousse

    This is a show-stopping, easy-peasy dessert that’s infinitely healthier and has far less calories than your ‘normal’ chocolate mousse. Besos de Oro – or ‘Golden Kisses... Read More

  • Vegan Sausage Rolls

    This is the recipe for our best seller on the stall we take to vegan events – the illustrious sausage roll. People often buy one, start munching on it as they’re walking awa... Read More

  • Sun Dried Tomato and Tofu Ravioli in Pesto

    This dish is comfort food masquerading as gourmet dining. It looks really impressive and the combination of tastes suggests complex preparation and exceptional ingredients... Read More

  • Tofu and Red Lentil Masala

    Tofu works like a dream in curries – the fragrant, spicy sauces go perfectly with the soft creaminess of tofu, pressed and cubed and desperate to absorb all the flavours. I... Read More

  • Tofu Kiev

    We’ve recreated the timeless classic dish of Chicken Kiev here with tofu doing a more than passable impression of a chicken breast. As we know, when tofu is well pressed it absorbs the... Read More

  • Vegan Shepherds Pie

    It’s cold and it’s raining outside, by the time you come home from work it’s been dark for two hours already. Yup, it’s winter. And that means that you need ... Read More

  • Vegan Mini Mushroom Quiche

    We sell these Vegan Mini Mushroom quiches at vegan food fayres up and down the country and they equal our caramelised onion quiches  in popularity – just. In fact, we develope... Read More

  • Tofu Burger

    Tofu Burger It has been a long term mission of ours to make the perfect tofu burger. It had to taste great, look the part and hold together whether you shallow fry, grill or barbecue. There... Read More

  • Marinating Tofu

    Marinating Tofu We are often asked at the fairs and festivals across the UK how best to marinate tofu. The answer is: there are no hard and fast rules to creating a good marinade but there... Read More

  • Tofu and Mushroom Pie

    This Tofu and Mushroom pie recipe is fantastic winter comfort food. It is easy to make, vegan, healthy and delicious. Excellent with new potatoes or mash, steamed greens such as br... Read More

  • Vegan Tofu Basil Ricotta Ravioli

    It might seem like a bit of a faff to make your own ravioli but it really isn’t. This recipe takes about 40 minutes and most of that is rolling out the “pas... Read More

  • Exceedingly Vegans super quick vegan gluten-free soba noodles with raw tomato sauce

    This excellent recipe is from blogging friend exceedinglyvegan, here he is His site has loads of amazing looking vegan rec... Read More

  • Vegan Tofu Singapore Curry

    A terrific and versatile mid-weeker that only takes 30 minutes to make but tastes like it took all day. You can make it as spicy as you are in the mood for or use you own spi... Read More

  • Vegan Gyoza Dumplings

    We love Japanese food but as Japanese restaurants aren’t 10 a penny in our part of south-east England we sometimes treat ourselves to a homemade, slap-up Japanese banquet, altho... Read More

  • Sweet Ginger Marinade

    This marinade was created as a result of a chat at our stall with one of the visitors at the Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester. We were brainstorming marinade ideas for tofu a... Read More

  • Vegan Pasta Pesto with Salt and Pepper Crispy Tofu Cubes

    We really included this as an excuse to share our delicious vegan pesto recipe which is healthier and tastes better than anything you’ll find in a jar. The cla... Read More

  • Scrambled Tofu

    This is the staunch favourite for the quintessential Sunday morning brunch. You’ll find many different variations in cookbooks, cafés and on the internet and you can play around with ... Read More

  • Tofu Mushroom Paté

    Mushroom paté is generally delicious and has the additional benefit of not evoking a horrific image of a force-fed goose. So here’s a nice, cruelty-free paté for you to enjoy. It... Read More

  • Tofu and Mushroom Pie

    Tofu and Mushroom Pie In recognition of ‘National Pie Week’, or ‘Day of the Pie’, whatever it is we’re celebrating this week here is our favourite pi... Read More

  • Crispy Tofu Nuggets

    These crispy, golden brown nuggets of creamy, tasty tofu are so versatile and delicious you can use them for just about anything; a crunchy addition to a salad, in a wrap, as part... Read More

  • Tofu Foo Yung

    This is a posher version of a university stable of mine, Egg Foo Yung, in which we have replaced and upgraded all of the ingredients and, best of all, replaced the egg with Tofu. It is h... Read More

  • Tofu Miso Triangles

    This is an incredibly easy marinade which imparts an authentically Japanese flavour. The perfect accompaniment to home made sushi and tempura. Neither of which are pa... Read More

  • Vegan French Toast

    A vegan version of French Toast that can be a delicious weekend breakfast, a brunch treat or a tasty dessert. Serves 4. Ingredients 1 500g of block tofu, lightly pressed 1 cup of mil... Read More

  • BBQ Tofu Strips

    This is a great addition to the veggie BBQ perennials of vegetable kebabs and Linda McCartney sausages. Make quite a few as they are pounced on by everyone; kids, vegans and omn... Read More

  • Vegan Moussaka

    A tasty and healthy version of moussaka with a scrumptious, savoury tofu topping that compliments the complex flavours of the dish and makes a great substitute for a white sauce. Y... Read More

  • Vegan Caramelized Onion Quiche

    If you’re looking for an egg-free and optionally gluten-free quiche you’ve just found it. This quiche is brilliant. In fact, this quiche is so good we sell mini v... Read More

  • Spaghetti Tofunese

    This is a great and easy veganisation of the classic Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s a popular mid-weeker and it’s always well received by every generation w... Read More

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