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We’ve put together here a compilation of some of the reviews and videos that various lovely bloggers and reviewers have written about the Tofu Press.

Disclaimer: In a couple of instances, we’ve gifted a press to a blogger for them to review but we’ve never paid for one or influenced someone to write a favourable piece.

Our first ever review from Planet Veggie, we were soooo excited to have been spotted!

Tofuture Tofu Press Review: No More Soggy Tofu!

‘It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’

Canadian, Sam Turnball films a tofu press-off in her kitchen. Watch to the end to discover who won!


Rick Hay ‘The Superfoodist’

‘I’m a big fan of tofu and I didn’t think I could love this protein more but since using my Tofuture I love it even more – it makes the tofu in my stir fries even tastier and my tofu burgers are even more delicious and easier to handle’

‘I wouldn’t have thought a tofu press could be so useful – sometimes the simplest of products make the biggest difference – love Tofu and love my Tofuture!’

‘Tofuture Tofu is tofu made better’

Rick Hay ‘The Superfoodist’

Dip Nutrition Dip Botanical Medicine Dip Teaching



TV Presenter and Author of ‘The Anti Ageing Food & Fitness Plan’


Veggie Vision

No More Bland Tofu – New Tofu Press Launched – Tofuture

‘The Vegan Seed’ product review


Product Review: Tofuture Tofu Press

Great Tofu article by Plant Based magazine

Essential Guide to Tofu

Bucks Gazette




Do You Need a Tofu Press & Is Tofuture the Future of Tofu?- A Review by an Avid Tofu Eater


Dr Emma Kirke



Natural Products Magazine


Living on Leaves



 Stone Gazette

Do you do Tofu? Then you need a Tofu press!

 ‘Ezvid’ tofu press review compares the top 7 tofu presses on the market


‘Not To Die For’ product review


Product Review: Tofuture Ltd’s Revolutionary Tofu Press

Messy Vegetarian Cook review


Should I buy a tofu press? If it’s Tofuture, then yes

That Snarky Vegan Girl


Tofu Press for Tantalizing BBQ Tofu!

How to use Tofuture Ltd tofu press to make awesome BBQ tofu wraps/salads with That Snarky Vegan Girl #LunchBreakLIVE Get the tofu press at: http://amzn.to/2nKh15s Get the recipe at: http://bit.ly/2my957m

Posted by Jane Velez-Mitchell on Wednesday, 22 March 2017

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Tofuture Tofu Press


Vegan Food and Living – why we need to press tofu


Top tips for pressing perfect tofu

Our YouTube video

Us Two Friends

Is It Tofuture?

Veggie Vision

Tofu & Chestnut Christmas Loaf

The Brick Castle



Woman In Sport



US Press Release


The Vegan Kind Product Review

Tofuture – Tofu Press

To Happy Vegans Product Review


Plant Shift